Local patch etc.

Marston stw 8th aug 2013

Nipped out after tea,a lovely black-tailed godwit graced the scrape,it was finding no end of grub to eat.C’mon,other waders,it’s lovely here,come and join in.This bird looked sooo much better than all the others I’ve seen recently at the coast,they always do don’t they when they turn up on your own patch,know what I mean?

Iv’e been chopping down a few reeds along the track,in readiness for rail (or even crake) watching,but am getting nowhere.Need some kind of agri machinery really.

In the car park a super magpie moth tried hiding under my wheel arch.Not so pleasing was another load of fly-tipped trash.


There were a few yellow wags around and a lesser whitethroat with the tit flock.On Tuesday morning a red kite flew over.


This morning Sharon,myself and Lily went walking on the Jubilee way,from Belvoir to Stathern,over the border in Leics.My ever increasing interest in butterflies was fuelled further by seeing some small tree species.I believe they were purple and white letter hairstreaks.Very difficult to observe,but I shall go back for another go soon.We did see a couple of red kites,a spotted flycatcher,marsh tit and some ginger caps (juv blackcaps).

Look at the date on this tree carving:1885 !!!


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