Area 51 Hide

The hide is progressing very well now.

Yesterday saw the sides as well as the front and back constructed and fitted and today the windows and doors were cut and the roof fitted. It is starting to look like a very imposing building.

I have been out today and bought handles, latches and locks to finish it all off nicely so it looks that bit better when it is finished.

It should be finished in the next few days, but, as can be seen from the pictures, it is quite light in colour so will need a coat of fence paint to darken it. This isn’t something I can get hold of through work so if anybody has any going spare or cheap, let me know!

Bearing in mind that the materials and labour, apart from what I have bought today, have come at no cost to us, I don’t think we can complain if we have to club together to buy some colouring.

The door will eventually have a padlock fitted. This will stop soldiers who are training using it as an overnight shelter. I have ordered a key safe which will be fitted to the outside of the hide. The combination for that will be distributed by text or email at a later date.

That’s all for now, further updates to follow and more pictures available in the Area 51 Gallery.


Today (Thursday) work continued with the door being finished, windows reduced in size and finished, the interior lined with marine ply and the roof fixings sealed. As well as that a padlock and key safe was fitted (combination is set and will be sent out by PM or text).

All that remains to do now is finish off a few bits and pieces, including sealing some joints and it is reading for a coat of colour. There will be an earth ramp built when we get the plant. I have been told that we should only paint outside and also not to paint the roof.







11 thoughts on “Area 51 Hide

  1. That’s absolutely terrific Joe, thank you to you and all your colleagues who’ve worked so hard on this. Are we going to have a Grand Opening and commissioning do? I’ve got about 4 litres of Ronseal Fencelife medium oak spare, I’m not sure that is enough so if I get a chance I’ll see if I can pick up some more but I am a bit tied up with Grand Kids at the moment – let you know!

    1. We are hoping that construction will be complete by Friday this week. After that there will be a few small jobs to do, such as making a name plate with our logo and a photo in a frame with a picture of the guys who built it and a bit of the how and why story.

      I am only here for a few days between now and when I return from Cyprus at the end of September. After that the scrape will be dug, the feeding stations built and any finishing touches done. The CO Is looking for a celebrity to come and do the opening, he has Kate Humble in mind at the moment.

      In the meantime we are free to come in and use it, improve it, paint it or just sit in it and enjoy that new wood smell (or is that just me).

      I will keep everyone posted about any opening ceremony and you will all be welcome when it does happen.

  2. Looking great Joe, say a big well done to the lads and a thanks too! I think if at all possible the persons with permission to go on the site should meet for the grand opening as a group if at all possible. If I had more time then would gladly help text / call me when one of the Magnificent 7 is going up and if available will help too. Well done to all Joe šŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Steve, I will pass that on to the lads. They are all enjoying doing it, it’s something a bit different to their normal taskings.

      It would be great if we could all get there at the same time, but I know we all lead very different lives so I won’t hold my breath! By the same token, me being away isn’t a bar to anyone using it or working on it, but I guess until the scrape and feeding stations are up and running, there won’t be much to see.

      Just as an afternote, I have a tenuous agreement with some of the chefs up here to let me have any meat they are discarding with a view to getting it out there to attract buzzards and kites. I saw some kites at the weekend that were fed remains from a transport cafe and it was awesome. Anyone got any thoughts/views on that idea?

  3. Just thinking about it, with me being away most if the next 6 or 7 weeks, I could do with someone taking on the co-ordination of the paint job. Is anyone up for that?

    The wood is already pre treated so that isn’t an issue, it just needs to be dulled down a little.

  4. Wow that’s bloody amazing ! Makes ya proud to be British !
    I’m up for giving it a lick of preservative, let me know yall when you want to do it, if the Wife’s well enough at the time Ill be there.

  5. I am pleased to announce that apart from the paint job and 168 Pnr Regt dedication, the hide is now complete.

    Work will commence on the scrape and feeders at the end of September when we are back from Cyprus.

    The hide will have the name “The Pioneer Hide” routed into one of the external walls along with either a tile or a plaque with the Regiments’ crest. Inside there will be a photograph of the team who built it and a short narrative on the reasons why etc.

    I have also ordered a whiteboard which will be fitted to the wall for messages and sightings etc.

    Any other suggestions more than welcome!

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