Freiston shore and the Witham mouth today.

5th Aug 2013

There was a fair selection of wading birds at Freiston,spread over the scrape,reservoir,wet grasslands,shooters pool and at the Witham mouth.I recorded around sixteen species with my faves being the summer plumaged bar-tailed godwits at the mouth.Panic stricken birds took to the air over the scrape when a juvenile peregrine glided over.About fifteen whimbrel were on the saltmarsh,along with five greenshanks.

Hiked to the hide at Cut end as the tide was receding.There were a lot more waders on the mud than I expected.At low water the tern numbers began to build,just offshore.Scanning commenced,with me hoping for one or two little terns.No LT’s,but at 12.15 pm there were fifty or sixty feeding terns,mostly common,only a couple of sandwich,but then I picked up a distant black tern getting in on the act,very nice too.After a while it flew right up the Witham,but I had a hunch it may come back.An hour and a half of hard scanning later and it showed again,this time it made a couple of flights into the River Welland mouth,but returned again,even allowing me to get a digiscoped snap.Now that’s something of an achievement for me-a flight shot.

P1050753On my walk back I had a bit of a laugh with three lads on the sea bank,they were on trust leave from the North sea camp prison,just behind the sea wall.One of them was well interested in what I’d seen.Definately not the worst prison one could be in I thought.

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