Interesting Kestrel Behaviour

Hi all,

Was wandering around the barracks today when I spotted a Kestrel sitting on top of a goal post on the sports field.


I sat awhile and watched it and it kept flying down on to the field and then back onto various post, some of them quite close to me.

1 Aug 48

1 Aug 5

1 Aug 18

I was trying to work out what it was up to and wondered if it had the remains of a kill.

I stayed a while and took some more photos and saw it doing this:

1 Aug 17 1 Aug 20 1 Aug 19

You will all probably say that is normal behaviour for a kestrel, I have just never seen one doing that before, was really good to watch!

More pictures at

2 thoughts on “Interesting Kestrel Behaviour

    1. I have been back tothe same place since then and watched two of them doing the same thing. They look like young ones so maybe this is just an easy “kill” for them whilst they are learning?

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