Pacific golden plover,Rutland water 17/07/2013

Rutland this morning. My first trip here for quite a while.The PGP was showing nicely,though there was a bit of a heat haze.The temperature was about 30 degrees,but it was no mirage-this rarity really was there for all to see.Behind it in the distance an osprey was perched.I was going to call into Stainby on the way back but went home for a lovely cold shower. Graham Welch phoned me to say there was a turtle dove drinking at the scrape at Marston.It’s a sign of the times that this species is causing us to get excited.(It doesn’t take a … Continue reading Pacific golden plover,Rutland water 17/07/2013

Freiston and Frampton.

Hot. Well,the weather was,the birding not so. At Freiston a wigeon was an unusual bird for mid July.The ever present barnacle goose looked a bit sad.There were a few waders around but nothing outrageous. Frampton was much better.Butterflies everywhere,my best sighting a marbled white,very nice.Searched for wood sandpiper but no luck,bit of a bogey for me.While looking I did see: Black tailed godwit c500,mostly sum plum.     4 or 5 green sandpipers.       2 common sandpipers.      Spotted redshank.        6 ruff.      20 dunlin.      Brent goose.      Marsh harrier.     Yellow wagtails.       Continue reading Freiston and Frampton.

13 07 2013

Marston in the evening. After the stifling heat of the day,a thunderstorm cooled things down a bit so I took Lily for a walk to you know where.On the scrape were two separate gadwall families.One female had four chicks and another had eight.Nice to see them breeding here,though Trev assures me that they breed most years.I havn’t noticed them in the last few years but then I’d probably not been looking hard enough,possibly passing the chicks off as mallards.They are subtley different when you get your eye in,looking slightly paler and having larger pale patches on the back.The lower mandible showed an orange edge. I … Continue reading 13 07 2013

Marston and Langford.

12/07/2013 Marston. Not much doing at Marston-the scrape level is now really low,but the only waders seen were one or two lapwings and the oyc family.The vegetation is very high and you can’t see much of the other pools,so there may be stuff around.I had a look around the river area where,yesterday SL had a common crane flying low.He couldn’t relocate it,neither could I today.A great bird for the site.(Or anywhere,for that matter !)Talking of cranes what we need is a real one,so that we can view all of the site. Langford Lowfields rspb. Well,it was high time I paid a … Continue reading Marston and Langford.

Few more pics of the Spot Fly’s!

1st can I say that I am not apologising for posting a few more photo’s of the delightful Spotted Flycatchers at Caythorpe, please read on 🙂 This will be my last post for about a week due to going away for a few days, without me camera (shock horror!). So as I had a little time this afternoon and the day was such a nice one full of bright light, I decided to have an hour in the company of the Caythorpe Spotted Flyctcatchers. The birds were very busy and along with the pleasure of seeing them doing their business … Continue reading Few more pics of the Spot Fly’s!