Stainby landfill.

Stainby tip 30/07/2013

To use a Dean Nicholson-ism,there was some ‘gullage’ at Stainby.I reckon there were at least six yellow-legged gulls this afternoon.The ones I managed to id were adults or near adults.As usual here the viewing is poor,the birds being very distant.I had a word with the site staff to see if I could get in close, but the chap made it quite clear I’d have more chance of getting pregnant than getting in there.It was a case of waiting for the birds to get up and then trying to id them in flight,occasionally they would settle in view.P1050670I think there are three yellow-legs in the above pic,but I certainly wouldn’t put any money on it though,knowing my lack of larid skills ! P1050671

Ten red kites were around and a raven cronked,but I didn’t see it.A hobby was over the fields to the west.


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