Few more pics of the Spot Fly’s!

1st can I say that I am not apologising for posting a few more photo’s of the delightful Spotted Flycatchers at Caythorpe, please read on 🙂

This will be my last post for about a week due to going away for a few days, without me camera (shock horror!). So as I had a little time this afternoon and the day was such a nice one full of bright light, I decided to have an hour in the company of the Caythorpe Spotted Flyctcatchers.

The birds were very busy and along with the pleasure of seeing them doing their business so close up I could hear the dulcet tones of a Blackcap and Chiffchaff not too far away as well as when glancing upwards to the blue sky, many Swifts, less Swallows and even fewer House Martins, wow nice setting for taking a few pics this!

The Chiffchaff even made an appearance on the SF’s cable perch very briefly, see below …
CaythorChiCha11713Below are a few pics taken today with different colour backgrounds in each, which colour do you prefer to show the bird off best? Please let me know folks I know which I feel best suits the bird.CaythorSpotFly11713CaythorSpotFly11713bCaythorSpotFly11713cCaythorSpotFly11713eCaythorSpotFly11713iCaythorSpotFly11713f

2 thoughts on “Few more pics of the Spot Fly’s!

  1. Great pictures! I am deliberately staying away from here now as I have so many pictures already. I personally prefer the pictures with the roof tiles as a background, they look so warm. Having said that, blue skies or green foliage look good too, I just prefer the red/pink of the roof.

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