A43 & A51

On the way home from working in Northampton I had the opportunity to take a few shots of the Red Kites along and just off the A43 around the Bulwick and Blatherwycke area. A few shots below all but first pic are of the same bird that was hunting low over a farm yard next to Blatherwycke lakes.BlatherRK8713g BlatherRK8713 BlatherRK8713b BlatherRK8713c BlatherRK8713d BlatherRK8713eThen when back in Grantham I met up with Joe Stockil for my first guided tour of Area 51, we had a great time and below you can see a few shots I took, yep unusually I had my camera with me 🙂
A51YellWag8713bJuvenile Yellow Wagtail?A51LilOwl8713b
One of the delightful site Little Owls
Out in the wilderness Meadow Pipits galore, this one with live food for young.
I mentioned Red Kites to Joe and then one appeared right on time!
The place was full of the sound of Skylarks also!

Loads more seen such as Linnets, Buzzards, Mistle Thrushes (7 of them!) Corvids, Wood Pigeons and even a few Hares!

Thanks for today Joe, can’t wait to get back to explore more.

5 thoughts on “A43 & A51

  1. You are very welcome Steve and thanks for the Flycatcher tip, I got some pretty good pictures despite the fading light.. Might well try again though!

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