Caythorpe Spotted Flycatchers

Had a text from my mate Steve G about an unusual looking bird on a wire in his village so off I went, only had an hour or so before going out to see relatives. Upon arrival had a look around, met up with Steve and saw nothing of the ‘bird’, we parted our ways with me saying I was going to drive up and down the road a couple of times.

Upon my second pass back up to where I had been parked while talking to Steve (opposite the small police station) I caught sight of a shape I had seen before in Fulbeck last year, it was a Spotted Flycatcher with beak full of goodies on a wire passing over a small courtyard in a private house. 🙂

I stopped got out the car and took a few shots, the bird soon turned into 2 birds who were obviously nesting somewhere nearby, great stuff lovely birds these. I rattled a few shots off, the sun was in the wrong place really but I still managed to get a few nice images and plan to go back when I can when the sun will be at my back and thus hopefully lighting up these delightful birds in a better way. 4 images below….

CaythorSpotFly7713 CaythorSpotFly7713b CaythorSpotFly7713c CaythorSpotFly7713d

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