When garden birding is the only option :(

Having had to take some time off work due to severe pain in my rather knackered knee this afternoon I had the chance to sit in a comfy chair with the sun over my shoulder trying to catch a decent image or two or the half a dozen Swifts (not seeing as many as last year!). It was pretty quiet with the Swift photography not going too well, sun out then sun in and fast high Swifts! but at around 4.20pm I saw my first ever Kestrel from my home, it has only taken 15 years! 🙂 I got a shot of it as it circled high in an easterly direction, pic below …
Then around 25 minutes later an un-tagged Red Kite glided high from the north west – Belton village direction from where I live and headed eastward, it looped a couple of times and then disappeared, I had it my sights for 1minute and 8 seconds exactly, now this demonstrates just how quickly the birds are there in the sky and then not! Distant pic of the RK below …
I managed a couple of nice shots of some of my garden regulars, Wood Pigeons and the juvenile Blackbirds (4 of them) that seem to like our chose food for the birds we put out. 2 pleasing images of 1 of the 4 Blackbirds and a regular Wood Pigeon can be seen below …
Below is 1 of the better Swifts shots I managed out of the 140 or so I took. Hope you like, will try again tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “When garden birding is the only option :(

  1. Nice! I imagine that on such a nice day there was a beer or two at hand as well as the camera!

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