Had a quick trip round the area today and managed to see 7 different birds of prey!

Started off right by the gate with a lone Red Kite, was at a bit of a distance so not a great shot, but clearly a Red Kite.

Red Kite

Moved on into the area and strangely saw a small flock of what appeared to be Black Headed Gulls.  I say that because I am not good at gulls, and these ones have black heads.  Having said that they also appear to have black beaks and I thought BHGs had red beaks.

 4 Jul 13 023

The more eagle eyed amongst you may notice that the bird on the right of the photo is different to the others.  Is it a juvenile?  See pic below.

4 Jul 13 024

Anyway, back to the Birds of Prey, next up were two Buzzards:

4 Jul 13 027 4 Jul 13 030 4 Jul 13 033 4 Jul 13 0364 Jul 13 0304 Jul 13 0284 Jul 13 027

I was quite pleased with those pictures!

Next one I saw was a Barn Owl but it was in and out of vision too quick for me to get a picture.  I then noticed that the farmers had been round cutting a lot of the grass in the meadows.  I wondered if this was why the meat eaters were around, imagining that there may be exposed or dead mammals around where the cutting had happened.

Next up was a Kestrel which hovered briefly then pounced on something and flew off with it.

 4 Jul 13 0434 Jul 13 0424 Jul 13 0444 Jul 13 045

A bit later on I managed to get a Kite and a Kestrel in the same shot.

 4 Jul 13 039

It wasn’t only birds of prey though, Skylarks and Meadow Pipits were loud, proud and plentiful!

 4 Jul 13 040

On the way back I managed another sighting of the Red Kite

 4 Jul 13 047

As i was locking the gate behind me there was a Sparrowhawk sat on the fence but of course my camera was in the car!

Last of the Birds of prey were my favourite Little Owls who were being a little shy today!

4 Jul 13 0484 Jul 13 049 


Not a bad little trip, off to Marston now!

2 thoughts on “BIRDS OF PREY AT AREA 51

  1. Hi Mate,I think your gull is a 2nd calendar yr Common gull.
    Great pics-love the buzzard.I click on them to enlarge.

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