In the summertime when the weather is high…..

Sun 30th June.

Decided to pretend to be a real birder this morning,you know,start at dawn.Well I don’t normally go for that much.At least not this time of year,anyway.Me,the Missus and the dog were at Ancaster before dawn at 4.15 am.What a magical time,the only sounds were natural ones.Mist covered the fields with jackdaws shattering the silence and a couple of little owls perched in the open near Woodland waters.Warblers warbled,carp surfaced and a lone angler was tackling up.P1000741

After exploring Ancaster valley and Waterwell lane we stopped off at Tescos for bacon,eggs and stuff and headed home for a fry up.

Mid morning I was off out again,Stainby was the destination.I had yellow legged gull in mind,but a few lesser black backeds were all that were around.(more on yellow leggeds later).Shortly after arriving I received a text from Nezzy,it read:  ‘Osprey low over A1,south nr.Stainby’  Blimey,it was pure coincidence that I happened to be there! Anyway I never got sight of it.Nezzy rolled up and we scanned the area but to no avail.Soon,though we were watching three ravens.Three is Steve’s lucky number,last time we were out together he photographed three hobbys and a couple of weeks ago he got a shot of three cuckoos together.

We enjoyed watching the red kites,five together at one point,a couple of sand martins flew over a rape field near the tip,strange as a long way from water.We enjoyed catching up,while Steve snapped away at a few birdies.

A quick look at Stoke Rochford lakes incase the osprey was there,revealed not-a-lot.Below is a pic of Steve being bitten for not feeding the ducks.P1000747

We then went our separate ways.I nipped over to Kilvington lakes,just inside Notts.Yellow legged gulls had been seen here recently and I locked onto an adult or near adult bird I think.P1000758

Popped into Marston to round things off,quiet but got one or two more butterfly shots.Today I totalled around 70 bird species,all inside 10 mile radius of Grantham.P1000728P1000752P1000745


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