Frampton 22/06/2013

Very windy,bright. Highlights of this mornings visit to Frampton rspb.   Spotted redshank-one seen from the east hide. Green sandpipers-3 on the reedbed scrape. Little owl-one near the reservoir. Turtle dove-one purring in the hedgerow,viewed from the reservoir. Some of the fledged black headed gulls are now flying. Avocets seem to have done very well. Black tailed godwit,curlew,ringed and little ringed plovers. My hike to the Witham mouth produced naff-all,the tide was way out.I saw more discarded tellys and tyres than birds.How do those telly sets get there? they must float when they’re chucked away. Cocklers were working in the wash.A … Continue reading Frampton 22/06/2013

Marston Sedge Warblers

Had a quick trip to a very quiet Marston today.  Nothing much to be seen, the usual at the scrape with the addition of a Little Ringed Plover and some sorry looking Teal.  Got a few nice pictures of a newly fledged Blue Tit, some very bad ones of two cuckoos doing their usual thing and flying away from me faster than I could point my camera at them and then managed to get some lovely shots of a Sedge Warbler.  That’s progress to me – not long ago that Sedge Warbler was just another littl brown job!   More … Continue reading Marston Sedge Warblers

Warterwell lane in the evening.

Waterwell lane,Ancaster. Had a brilliant couple of hours there after dinner tonight.One of my fave local spots,really good birding area too.I didn’t hear the quail that Steve reported earlier but loads of other good stuff around.The little pond held a fishing kingfisher and a fine lesser black-backed gull was worming on a small ploughed field.Traditional farmland birds like yellowhammers,linnets,skylarks,partridges and stock doves still hold on here in decent numbers.A couple of corn buntings showed well,as did a yellow wagtail.Two or three common buzzards were around and a raven came over,being hassled by a carrion crow.While driving along the lane I … Continue reading Warterwell lane in the evening.

Mixed bag at Marston

A quick visit from around 0900 to 1045 today provided a mixed bag. Two Cuckoos were very vociferous in the Willows around the scrape but didn’t show themselves long enough to photograph. There was also a family of Great Spotted Woodpeckers in the same area with an adult male a three juveniles – again very noisy. On the scrape were a number of Gadwall which appeared to be starting eclipse and at least four Teal – all males. Also the Heron and Oystercatcher that have been hanging around the scrape for three weeks now are still there and in a … Continue reading Mixed bag at Marston

Corn Bunting

Had a text from SL to say a Quail was singing off Waterwell Lane, Ancaster. A lttle later I made my way to the lane and saw SL’s van on the horizon just as he texted me again to say that a Corn Bunting was singing close to the lane. Sure enough eventually a pair were seen singing and displaying on a wall top about 50 metres from the road. Nice one, I’ve only seen them in Lincolnshire at Frampton so this is another good record for our area. Thanks to Steve for the nod and to Trev for the … Continue reading Corn Bunting


Breeding successes. My first look at MarstonSTW  for ten days or so.It always surprises me how quickly things can change in the bird world.Ducks in a well advanced eclipse stage,the first returning waders and teals,(most likely non breeders),and chicks everywhere.Yesterday GW had a green sandpiper and today a snipe appeared.Does this mean we can now expect a steady stream of waders,with odd Nearctic birds or rarities thrown in? Don’t hold your breath.Curlew and oyc and little ringed plover still around.It was all about breeding birds today,and the signs are that it’s been pretty good in most cases.Two very young great spotted woodpeckers … Continue reading Marston17/06/2013