Interesting few hours out and about

The day began at home with a juvenile Rook calling into the back garden again as well as a lovely looking male Chaffinch several Goldfinches, House Sparrows and mixed ‘raiding’ corvids doing their best to empty my seed and fatball feeders. Pics of the Rook and Chaffinch below …
Karen then spotted both House Sparrows and Dunnocks appearing to be nest making in the same Forsythia bush in our back garden, will keep watching this to see if the nesting materials keep being taken into the bush and let you know.

Where to go out was my question to myself, I thought why not try Stainby for Red Kites, nice and sunny and if they were about then should be good for taking a few good pics.

So off I went, now just passing Great Ponton on the A1 going south you pass a petrol station and the turning for Hungerton, about 1/2 mile south of this I could not beleive my eyes an Osprey at treetop level hovering in the strong wind and banking as if it was scoping out what was below it, on the north bound side of the A1 – BLIMEY!!  In about 400 yards I pulled into a layby and saw the bird disappear behind the trees on  the opposite side of the A1. Car locked and camera in hand I made my way to the opposite side (safely I might add using a gap in the A1 barrier splitting north and south bound carriageways). I made my way over a 5 bar gate into a hillside that over looked a small lake that had 2 Swans and 2 Grey Heron on it, but no sign of the Osprey, it had moved on, BUGGER! I stayed for around 15 to 20 minutes and saw nothing apart from the 2 Heron’s flying off in different directions. Never mind still an exciting few minutes 😉 photo of the location can be seen below…
Yellow wobbly lines are the two laybys on opposite sides of the A1 and the yellow cross is where the 5 bar gate is and the short curved yellow line is where I went to try to spot the Osprey again looking over the small lake, all to no avail sadly! 😦

I texted the Marston STW mafia (Steve L, Trev, Dave R and David M) and went back to my car only to see a Buzzard directly over my car in the layby for a few seconds before it too went off using the wind to power its way across the blue sky away from me.
Dave R replied quickly with an expletive and I am at Stainbly!! I went off to meet him and we then hung around the tip awaiting the arrival of the Red Kites as there were none around at all when arriving at the southerly facing wire fence area overlooking the tip.

A Kite appeared then disappeared, Dave looked for Yellow Leg Gulls with his bins and just as we were going to move to another vantage point of the tip and with Dave scoping any Gull in the air (not that many it has to be said) I heard a ‘cronk’ Raven Dave? I shouted and then 2 Raven rose from the field across the road from where we were and dropped down again, WOW! Then more movement and we counted 3 definate Raven in the air as they flew away from us (why they never fly parallel to or towards I never know!!)  I managed some record shots from distance as the birds flew away, 1 moving towards the tip to our left and the other 2 moving together to the north west. 3 pics of the Ravens can be seen below …StainbRaven30613 StainbRaven30613b StainbRaven30613c
Moving to another part of the tip site after hopng and being dashing with no return of the Ravens we got into position and for a change I educated Dave on a place to watch birds from that he was not aware off 🙂 We saw Whitethroat, Bullfinch male flypast, Goldifnches, Chaffinches, Willow Warbler, Magpie and Dave began again to look at the Gulls that were in the air.

After a few minutes 1, then 2 then up to 5 Red Kites and a Buzzard appeared with slowly growing (but not massive) numbers of Gulls – no Yellow Legs though! the Kites all stayed their distance and the only bird that came close enough – still a long, long way off – was the Buzzard, pic below …
After a little while we agreed to go to look at the small lakes at Stoke Rochford Hall, upon our arrival we were mobbed by 5 white (domestic) ducks and 2 other mucky looking ones after some food, we did not have any but it did nto stop the birds from pecking our legs, shoes and hands when we showed them we had no grub for them, Dave took a photo of this, maybe he will be positing?

The lakes were quiet, some Greylags, Coot, Little Grebe (I think?) and Mallard were seen with the Coot having good breeding season with plenty of young seen, my last photo shows a close up of one of the juvenile Coot to close this post.

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