S.Lincs RSPB day out.

Yesterday (Mon24th) I joined up with the south lincs rspb mob for their car trip to north Norfolk.We kicked off at Wells,hoping the rosy starling might reappear.It had been showing until Saturday,but had moved on.We enjoyed watching a small colony of little terns at the quay and Retro Robin picked out a pristine adult med gull.

We then moved on to Twitch-well marsh,which was surprisingly unpopulated for midsummer.We had one or two goodies here.Ten summer plumaged,almost all black spotted redshanks were superb.I’d show you a pic if they hadn’t been so far off.A drake red crested pochard dabbled.Half way down the boardwalk a large flock of starlings was flying around and settling in the scrub.I said to Spadge keep a lookout in case a rose coloured one is amongst them and before I finished my sentence he said “there is a pale one with them”.It was leucistic bird,pale coffee-cream coloured and looked great in the flock with the sunshine behind them.As you know I love odd plumaged birds,they are really interesting and sometimes rarer than rarities (if you know what I mean).

A bit further along the path we had a scarce clouded yellow butterfly.I have only seen this species in Cornwall and on Scilly before.This one had more than likely migrated from Europe.P1000713

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