Frampton 22/06/2013

Very windy,bright.

Highlights of this mornings visit to Frampton rspb.


Spotted redshank-one seen from the east hide.

Green sandpipers-3 on the reedbed scrape.

Little owl-one near the reservoir.

Turtle dove-one purring in the hedgerow,viewed from the reservoir.

Some of the fledged black headed gulls are now flying.

Avocets seem to have done very well.

Black tailed godwit,curlew,ringed and little ringed plovers.

yellowhammer at Frampton 22/06/2013

My hike to the Witham mouth produced naff-all,the tide was way out.I saw more discarded tellys and tyres than birds.How do those telly sets get there? they must float when they’re chucked away. Cocklers were working in the wash.A pair of hares were near the mouth.

Marston 21/06/2012

Yesterday at MSTW.

Cettis warblers,singing from three territories.

The breeding Flava?/Yellow wagtail pair are now feeding young.(see previous postings for photos)

Cuckoo still cuckooing.


Very large female sprawk.Marston 21/06/2013


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