Bempton Cliffs – June 15th & 16th – part 2

I had a couple of hours after getting up to go out and see what was about before having to prepare to leave and drive home and the main aim was to get shots of what I felt I had missed out on the day before and that was not seeing many Fulmars and getting some shots of Puffins in flight – easy!

I went back to my original calling point, the southern side of Bempton heading towards Flamborough Head. I immediately saw more Fulmars gliding gracefully as they do, circling round over the sea and back into the cliff face and then back out to do the same. The area was deserted at this time in the morning I had the place to myself from about 8.30am until 9.40am and it was brilliant, never saw a soul in this time anywhere near me, cool!

I began to photograph the Fulmars and after a little moving around to find the best place I also saw loads more Puffins making feeding runs out to see, now only occasionally did the birds come a decent distance and height for me to take a few shots but I just waited and waited and got some decent images of flying Fulmars and Puffins; finally! 😉BempFulm16613d BempFulm16613e BempPuff16613 BempPuff16613d BempPuff16613i BempPuff16613jWhilst snapping away at the birds above I had a Razorbill land pretty close directly in front of me, I tried my best to alter settings in my camera to try to show the eye of this bird because when you see it in most cases it blends in with its dark feather colours but a little sun helped show it off a little better in this case I think.BempRazor16613bTree Sparrows seemed to be about on both days in decent numbers with one bird in particular landing pretty close to me sadly I was wrong side of it in regard to the sun shining on the bird but got this shot below …
I also had a real bonus with a first time seen and photographed species for me a Rock Pipit. Whilst waiting for Puffins to fly at the right height for me to try to photograph I saw in the shadows to my right a small bird, nice Meadow Pipit I thought, took a burst of 4 images before it moved off and when the bird landed on a rock in the sinlight I was struck by the overall darker colouration of the bird when compared to other Meadow Pipits and after a little help from me mates Trev and Spadge they confirmed it was a Rock Pipit result! The bird can be seen below…
All in all a great 2 days, over 700 pics to take home and sift through (the reason for this post being a week after my visit!),  a great location to stay the night specifically for birding, ok the campsite itself is very basic, but I can see myself going there again and doing a little more work at the lovely place that is Bempton Cliffs.

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