Warterwell lane in the evening.

Waterwell lane,Ancaster.P1000524

Had a brilliant couple of hours there after dinner tonight.One of my fave local spots,really good birding area too.I didn’t hear the quail that Steve reported earlier but loads of other good stuff around.The little pond held a fishing kingfisher and a fine lesser black-backed gull was worming on a small ploughed field.Traditional farmland birds like yellowhammers,linnets,skylarks,partridges and stock doves still hold on here in decent numbers.A couple of corn buntings showed well,as did a yellow wagtail.Two or three common buzzards were around and a raven came over,being hassled by a carrion crow.While driving along the lane I noticed a large,fast flying butterfly-it was a painted lady,probably the best sighting of the night.I wasn’t done yet as a fox popped out of the barley but vanished as soon as he saw me and the dog.However I saw another on the way home,near Barkston aerodrome.This one wasn’t so wary,a youngster I think.It even let me pull up,wind the window down and take a quick pic.P1000576P1000578P1000577P1000579

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