Another 3 birds in a single photo! – 5/6/13

Took a ride out to Marston on wednesday evening about 5pm for an hour to see if I could see the Cuckoos that are about. The plan was to stay around the ‘works reedbed end’ of the site. I did so and while walking slowly up I saw and heard a good number of Reed Warblers and heard and saw only once a Sedge Warbler, now it is normally the reverse for me, if I see a Reed Warbler it is usually a lucky sighting but this visit was pleasingly different.

Managed a few shots of 3 birds, 1 of which was rung, pics below …
MSWReeWarbl5613 MSWReeWarbl5613b MSWReeWarbl5613c
Reed Buntings, mainly males were aplenty too zipping about all over the place with their sweet ‘trilling’ call echoing all over the reed bed. I got eventually to the bridle path cutting across the site and stayed on 1 place for a while as I hear the distant call of a Cuckoo, “be patient, Steve be patient” I said to myself! 🙂

At first a male Reed Bunting landed on the top of a small tree bordering the bridle path where I was stood, managed a pic before it went off to pose on the top of a reed stalk, see below…
Then a fast low flying bird streaked across the reedbed left to right, yes a Cuckoo, sadly no sun was out and the first photo in the gloom of the distinctive shape can be seen below …
A few minutes later another Cuckoo called and within seconds a 2nd bird appeared and began to chase the 1st 🙂
The light and distance was against me getting decent detailed shots ( I know these are OK Davo! 😉 ) but above shot was best of the 2 birds.

Then these 2 birds settled after about 5 minutes chasing each other at the far ‘works’ end of the site eventually settled in the Willows, the usual spot! I decided to walk back to the car and stopped occasionally on the way looking out for round 2 between the 2 apparently battling birds, getting closer and closer to the car every so often I thought that was my lot for tonight but no another bird came in and spooked the other 2 into action, wow I was looking at 3 Cuckoos all at once a 1st for me and a real treat to boot. again (like the Hobby shot the other day) I got a shot of all 3 birds in 1 frame, this is shown below, don’t expect too much detail though LOL!
These 3 birds again flew around the bottom end of the reedbed for about 5 minutes, what a lovely sight to see folks, lovely! Below saved ’til last are my best images from this hour or so on the patch, such a shame the sun did not break though, next time eh?
MSWCuckool5613b MSWCuckool5613c MSWCuckool5613d MSWCuckool5613e

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