News from Marston stw today.


The avocet was still on the Mill lane pool.

Steve Lyon had an osprey fly over heading NE early pm.

A yellow wagtail in the horse paddock looked to have some features of a ‘flava’ subspecies.Rubbish pics,but head definitely different colour+very white chin.P1000377

P1000376P1000385P1000386P1000384Down at the works end the land reclamation project (that’s what they’re calling it anyway) continues apace.P1000382They are about six months in to an eighteen month plan to fill the old silt beds.Lorry loads of treated human waste arrive all day.That’s a hell of a lot of c***p !.An AWA official informed me it is transported all the way from Tilbury and the home counties.I guess they don’t have any room left for it down there.They spill most of the stuff on the approach roads.I have been informed that they will plant trees when they’ve finished,well they should grow well.Another worker told me he thought the whole area would be covered in solar panels-I hope it’s the trees.

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