Bank Holiday weekend fun

Karen and I went out in our newly acquired VW Autosleeper for a night this BH weekend and stayed at Willow Holt just outside of Tattershall (a photo of me and the potential ‘birding vehicle’ shown below). It has a few fishing lakes and a little area of woodland that can be walked around, perfect for a little walking around while the good lady was enjoying the unusual sunshine!
I heard nearly as soon as I pulled onto our pitch the song of a Reed Warbler and thought will have some time to try to get this elusive little creature in my lens, I managed it eventually during our time there with a shot below …
The fishing lakes had Great Crested Grebe, Coot (a water walking bird – well running below 😉 ), Moorhen and Mallard on them, 1 pair of the GCG’s had a young bird in tow too, pic below of one of the parents …
Both Greylag and Canadian Geese were around too with a pair of Canada’s having half a dozen young 🙂 Pics of the 2 types of Geese below …
A couple of noisy Oyster Catchers announced their arrival and departures several times, caught one in flight below (spot the young Great Crested Grebe?) …
My first pics of Sand Martins, I think? (3 or 4 were with the small groups of busy Swallows, House Martins and Swifts over one of the larger lakes) was achieved if only from distance, so that was pleasing, species 151 to be photographed by me 😉
There were a few Black Headed Gulls looking for any scraps and also a couple of Common Tern (the Terns were very successful in catching fish too!) their arrival signalled by their loud call. Pics of both below …
Around 6 Pied Wagtails were foraging around the waters edge and I witnessed them with food packed into their beaks on a few occasions.
Later on in the day, late afternoon, I walked to the wooded area bordeing the edge of the campsite while Karen was watching the GP highlights and was quickly amazed by the number of Blackcaps I could hear singing all over, nice! It took me more than a little time to locate an photograph these lovely warblers but I did get a couple of shots, shown below of a male and female with beaks loaded with ‘livefood’ to take back to their young, I hope and presume!
WillHoltBlkCap26513 WillHoltBlkCap26513b
As I was enjoying my experience with all the Blackcaps I then heard a Willow Warbler singing high up, pic below …
Then a few minutes later a strange thing caught my eye and I moved so I was directly under it, see pic below …
This is was I think was another Willow Warbler that was frantically flapping its wings and moving up and down the branches in the tree it was located, ever seen this before folks and any ideas on this behaviour, possibly another male doing a territorial display to the singing one in the treetop pic above? I got another image of this displaying bird looking at me before it zoomed off into the thick vegitation.
Well that finished off my time near Tattershall, all good with a new species photographed, sweet! We then moved onto my mate who lives just outside of Horncastle to see him for a chat and a cuppa!

Norman told me of the loads of Yellowhammers he has been getting in his garden and also the recent arrival of a Whitethroat 🙂 so we called to see him and yep my camera was in hand all ready to go!

No Whitethroat sadly but a trio of Yellowhammers dropped in along with Dunnocks, with young and a few Greenfinches, the last 3 pics on my long, long post can be seen below, hope you enjoyed reading this and seeing me pics folks!!
ThimbYhammer27513 ThimbGrenfinch27513 ThimbDunok27513

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