Out & about with Davo

Had a text today from Dave R – free for a while this aft? – now not been out at all much due to heavy workload so a quick yep was sent off to Dave and off we go.

We ventured to a place or two Dave knows of and saw a male Kingfisher working hard around its nest site in Southern Lincolnshire, got a couple of flight pics, shown below …UndisKF25513UndisKF25513bA swan at another place had a belter of a nest, take a look at this, first image is Dave’s with second one mine 🙂P1050442WithamSwan25513

We saw or heard in total 7 Warblers in close proximity to the mega nest building Swan, ChiffChaff, Blackcap, Lesser Whitethroat, Common Whitethroat, Sedge Warbler and heard Garden Warbler and amazingly we heard twice a Cettis Warbler!! 🙂

Now that is not too bad an afternoon’s mooching around but on the way home passing our local patch Marston STW (just in case!) and now close to Barkston we saw while driving what at first glimpse seemed to be a Kestrel, looking through the car windows while moving at the correct speed for the road! 😉 then Dave said “no looks like it is flying funny for a Kes” well we stopped sharpish and low and behold it was a Hobby – wow nice one! BrkstnHobby25513BUT THEN ….
Another Hobby joined it these 2 birds seemed to be playing in the air with one bird flying upside down and then approaching the othe bird from underneath.

BrkstnHobby25513b BrkstnHobby25513cThen a little while after a THIRD HOBBY APPEARED!! Dave was by now doing cartwheels around his car!, well not really but he was well pleased, as was I.

These 3 Hobby’s sadly moved off very fast to fly over the village of Barkston but I did manage some shots with all 3 birds in at once, not brilliant ones but here is one showing all 3 Hobby’s in it, what a result Dave 🙂BrkstnHobby25513e

3 thoughts on “Out & about with Davo

  1. The good moments always come when you’re not expecting them.Bet you’re glad the footy season is over,Steve?

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