Gt.white egret,Manby 24/05/2013

Manby flashes,nr Louth.

This was my first ever visit here,I must have driven past it loads of times on the way to the coast but shan’t in future.The great white was discovered on Weds so I thought it must be hanging around,mind you it was quite a while before I saw it.Four little egrets were on the main scrape-I wondered if the gwe had moved on.Gave it a bit longer before moving round to the delightfully named garden shed hide.Yep I reckon it started life as one.Manby flashes was created by a local farmer/landowner/nature lover and what a good job.Just recently the scrapes have had one or two temminck’s stints,wood sandpiper and now the great white egret.

While in the shed I then noticed the neck and head of the gwe,it was on the main scrape,must have flown in while I was walking round.Little ringed plover and a few lapwings fed in the mud in front of me.Made my way back to the main hide and got a couple of distant digi-scoped pics.P1050439P1050434Wildfowl included shovelers,gadwall,tuftys,shelducks,greylags and canadas.

After lunch a drive to the sea seemed to make sense as it wasn’t far.Thinking that a spot of seawatching was called for,I headed to Mablethorpe north end.Maybe not such a great idea,my face and optics were getting sandblasted in the strong onshore winds.It was the right conditions for seawatching so I decided to move down the coast a bit to Huttoft car terrace where you can do it from the comfort of your car.It was ultimately a little disappointing,perhaps earlier in the day may have been a better bet,when it was still lashing down with rain.There were plenty of gannets (all N),40+ in a couple of hours.3 fulmars(2N,1S),4 eiders(S),cormorant,common gull,herring gulls,gbb gulls and that is about it.A sanderling and a few ringed plovers zipped along the shoreline.

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