Started at Cut end car park,where a pair of turtle doves purred,my first ones of the year.Nice.A jay showed and a male marsh harrier flew over the river towards the Frampton side.Not much at the Witham mouth,a few common terns were commuting back and forth up the river.

Feeling relieved after finding the car in one piece back at the car park,I drove round to Freiston shore.A fine drake garganey dabbled on pools along the wetland trail.P1050338After checking the reservoir I noticed Rspb Simon in the distance with a group.I gave him a quick call to inform him of the garganey.’Did you see that spooner,Dave?’ he said.A flippin’ spoonbill had apparently just flown over my head! I must have been scanning the reservoir edges from behind the viewing screen at the time.Never mind,easily missed I suppose,being so small and wotnot !!



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