Black winged stilt.

7th May 2013

Spent the morning at Gib. I drove very slowly owing to the fact I got nabbed for speeding on my previous visit twitching the subalp warbler.(almost worth it).Things had gone a bit quiet here in the warm,settled conditions.Common whitethroats were all over the place,with 2 or 3 lessers.A cuckoo was around and a common buzzard flew over.Met Nige Lound,who had had grasshopper warbler and turtle dove earlier.

P1050212lesser whitethroat

P1050211green hairstreak butterfly

Got news of the black-winged stilt at Frampton so tootled over,remembering to keep to the speed limit.Soon got onto the bird which gave great scope views as it fed on the water flashes inside the sea wall.They are a beautiful yet crazy looking wader,you’re left thinking their legs look like they’re going to snap at any minute.

P1050210look at the legs on that !



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