Marston on a good day

Prompted by Dave R’s last post and a text from Steve Lyon I went to Marston STW yesterday around 1400 and was surprised at how quiet it was – very little on the scrape, only one Cetti’s singing and no sign of Willow/Chiffs. It was only when I got round to the horse paddock on Hough Mill Lane that things began to liven up. Obviously some of the Yellow Wagtails had returned to the paddock as there were seven there and very mobile but I managed to get one near enough to photograph, although it was against bright sunlight: There … Continue reading Marston on a good day

Marston 20th april 2013

warblers returning A good stroll round this morning in the sunshine soon revealed plenty of singing warblers,with common whitethroat,blackcap,sevaral chiffchaff and willow warblers.3 or 4 sedge warblers and the same number of cetti’s livened up the reedbeds. The yellow wagtails seemed to have spread out,3 remaining on the horse field,5 on the works,3 on ploughed field.The pairs of oystercatcher and pink footed geese fed in the horse field.There were 3 pied wagtails.As yet I havn’t seen a single white wagtail here,even though there have been good numbers elsewhere (54 at rutland water yesterday).Another bird conspicuous by it’s absence is wheatear,must be … Continue reading Marston 20th april 2013

Toads,soil storms,birds.

Weds,Thurs. Weds 17th.The day started nicely with my first ever garden willow warbler entertaining us over breakfast. Pretty quiet at Marston with a few yellow wags in the paddock and on surrounding fields.Toads were still playing russian roulette along mill lane.I moved this happy pair off the road.Bumped into Spadge so we decided to go over to Kirkby.The green winged teal was still on show but we couldn’t locate the water pipit that had been seen the day before.Singing blackcaps,chiffys and willow warblers were all around.Waders were a single dunlin,2 redshanks,several lapwings,a little ringed plover and at least 7 avocets.At least 4 goldeneyes still on site. Thurs.18th … Continue reading Toads,soil storms,birds.

150th species photographed!

Got a call from me mate Spadge about a Black Redstart in his garden this evening – WOW! Carol; Spadge’s better half 😉 had spotted the bird when she pulled onto their drive I believe!! Obviously went straight round (tea could definately wait!) and not only got to see this wonderful species for the first time with me own eyes but also got a few snaps too 🙂 Here are a selection of shots I got what a lovely bird eh? Dave R was there too and later on (after a departure – tea – and return) Trev called in … Continue reading 150th species photographed!

Another rare duck

15th April. A quick early look around the patch this morning revealed the first yellow wagtails of the year in the horse paddock down Mill lane,Marston.There were 10 of them,all of the ssp.flavissima.A few sand martins and swallows darted about and 2 cetti’s sang loudly.Lots of toads were around,some of them squashed by vehicles.On the scrape there was no sign of the weekends garganeys. Twitch… Back home news came through of a ‘mega’-Baikal teal.I was off,especially as it was at one of my fave birding places-Flamborough head.A good crowd were assembled and the bird showed reasonably well through the telescope.What a stunner,an amazing looker.The above … Continue reading Another rare duck


Following on from David’s post (great to catch up again mate as usual) here are a couple of my shots, the more I look them more unsure I am but am leaning towards Chiffchaff, what you think folks? Hope they suffeciently different to help you judge the species? – good luck!! 😉 Here’s a couple of the Goldcrest too, lovely birds but why don’t they stay still just 2 seconds longer 🙂 Continue reading Willowchaff?

Struggling with IDs

While in the Marston hide with Steve N we had a number of Phylloscopus Warblers around us and I was pretty sure there were both Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler present at the time but none were singing. After looking more carefully at a number of photos I am no longer sure which is which of these. The trouble is that the very strong backlighting to some made all legs look pale. In addition it is not really possible to determine wing length from the photos as the angle at which they were taken varies so much. These are from three … Continue reading Struggling with IDs

14th April 2013

14th April Walked the dog at Denton res for a change this morning.Swallows,sand martins and a few house martins numbered 20 odd together.A little egret was the first I’ve seen at the res.Several lesser black-backs were overhead and the part leucistic black-headed gull is still around.There were worryingly few great crested grebes-just a couple of pairs.There used to be plenty here. Following the report of a green-winged teal I motored over to Kirkby on Bain and got on the bird straight away.It was seemingly paired up with a female teal,both were enjoying each others company.Now here’s the thing,female green-winged is … Continue reading 14th April 2013