More Wheatears

Prompted by Trev’s report of Wheatears on Fulbeck Airfield I decided it was a must on the way to Marston, it is after all in my Parish. Now the airfield is a very large place but as the Kart track was mentioned I thought I’d head there first. Initially I only saw Skylarks but these were very obliging so I had to get a photo of one:IMG_9319

or two:


And then a couple of Yellowhammer:


But finally I spotted the Wheatears and after some searching around it appeared the five that Trev saw where still there:






Moving on to Marston I spotted a Buzzard close to the Wheatear field:


At Marston I met Steve L and we looked to see if the original Wheatears were still there and sure enough there were still the 2 males and 3 females in the same area – even though the field had been ploughed since I was last there. Plenty of Warblers around included one and possibly two Grasshopper Warblers heard, although song was spasmodic. Lots of Wrens holding territory as well:


Finally Dave Maltby and Graham Welch joined us and we had a good gas before leaving to go our separate ways.

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