Wheatears and Wagtails

Wheatears and Wagtails

After finding 3 Wheatear yesterday at Brandon, I was motivated to tackle the traditional Wheatear hotspot of Fulbeck airfield, I covered the entire airfield and managed to see 0 Wheatear ! Feeling a little disappointed by the time I got to the kart racing track and preparing to exit the airfield I was chuffed to see a Male Wheatear sitting on the car park fence, this Male then turned into 4 Males and a single Female, all within 50m of the Kart racing track !

Two visits to Marston today failed to reward me with any interesting Wagtails, 4 Yellow on the paddock with one sporting a BTO ring on its right leg.

Still not a single White Wagtail anywhere yet !

A single flyover Yellow Wagtail over Brandon this morning with a couple of Tree Sparrow around.


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