Subalpine warbler etc.

Gibralter pt. Birding.

Following the report of a western subalpine wabler being found at Gib yesterday,I waited for news of it this morning.I took Lily for an early walk to Marston but didn’t get much further than the scrape before getting a call.Two green sandpipers and a little ringed plover and four tuftys were all I had time to log before belting off.Spadge was on standby and we arrived on site late morning,getting on to the subalp almost straight away.P1040911P1040910At one point it sang,the next minute seeing off a willow warbler.

Other commoner warblers were in good voice,including a showy lesser whitethroat.A bar-tailed and a handful of black-tailed godwits fed among snipe,redshanks,lapwings and avocets.Three flyover whimbrels,my first ones of the year,added interest.A water rail crept along the edge of the reeds.

Normally armed with loads of caremel bars(he lives on ’em), I was a bit shocked to discover Spadge hadn’t brought any with him today,so we headed for the visitor centre for coffee and stuff.Sparrowhawk and buzzard were noted before we left to join the Sunday evening get-the-hell-out-of-Skeggy traffic jam.Good day !

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