Marston 20th april 2013

warblers returning

A good stroll round this morning in the sunshine soon revealed plenty of singing warblers,with common whitethroat,blackcap,sevaral chiffchaff and willow warblers.3 or 4 sedge warblers and the same number of cetti’s livened up the reedbeds.

The yellow wagtails seemed to have spread out,3 remaining on the horse field,5 on the works,3 on ploughed field.The pairs of oystercatcher and pink footed geese fed in the horse field.There were 3 pied wagtails.As yet I havn’t seen a single white wagtail here,even though there have been good numbers elsewhere (54 at rutland water yesterday).Another bird conspicuous by it’s absence is wheatear,must be some nearby somewhere.

Very quiet on the scrape,with a tufted duck,half a dozen gadwall,4 teal and a single snipe.Swallows and house martins zipped about.A rook flew over-not that common here,despite several rookeries not too far away.




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