Toads,soil storms,birds.


Weds 17th.The day started nicely with my first ever garden willow warbler entertaining us over breakfast. Pretty quiet at Marston with a few yellow wags in the paddock and on surrounding fields.Toads were still playing russian roulette along mill lane.I moved this happy pair off the road.P1040842Bumped into Spadge so we decided to go over to Kirkby.The green winged teal was still on show but we couldn’t locate the water pipit that had been seen the day before.Singing blackcaps,chiffys and willow warblers were all around.Waders were a single dunlin,2 redshanks,several lapwings,a little ringed plover and at least 7 avocets.At least 4 goldeneyes still on site.




Spectacular soil storms rendered birding almost impossible this morning at Marston in the high winds.8 yellow wags in the paddock being the only noteworthy things.

P1040866Come on rarities,it’s like the Sahara here!

The lane resembled the road down to spurn point.


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