Marston keeps on giving.

Garganeys and other stuff.

Had what turned out to be perhaps my best day of the year so far on the patch.A lovely bright,sunny morning and plenty of new birds in-what more could you ask for? I checked out the hirundines at the works,there were about 12 swallows and 6 house martins with numbers rising later in the day.A couple of willow warblers and a few chiffys were singing.20 lingering redwings were feeding on the deck.


A nice rest after the long journey.


One of the pairs of Garganey.

Thought I would next check the scrape in case little ringed plovers had returned,sure enough a pair were preening on the small island before flying and not sighted again.Happy with seeing these I then noticed a drake garganey and then it’s mate.The last one I had here was april 2007.A green sandpiper,2 snipe,6 curlews and a flyover lapwing added to the wader count.At least 10 buzzards were enjoying the conditions,some very high.

Local birders were arriving,along with my old mate Chris Grimshaw.I was amazed when I later heard Chris discovered another pair of garganeys.Nice one.I was probably train spotting when he found the other pair-God help me.


This steam train came through today.

Went home for a bite to eat,Lily my dog had had enough anyway.I returned in the afternoon to see if I could see all four garganeys.Two were on the scrape so I dashed round to look at Mill lane pool,where I thought they may be hiding.While gone DM and others had them on the scrape again.Oh well.

The hirundines now numbered 40 odd birds,including a sand martin.A kingfisher dashed down the drainage stream and a pair of bullfinches showed well.The two pink-footed geese were still with the greylags.In total 54 species seen or heard today.92 at Marston this year.

Eat,sleep and breathe birding.Wot me? Well heres the eat bit.It was curry for tea and this little bird popped out when my pupadom broke.Umm time for another beer I think.




One thought on “Marston keeps on giving.

  1. Brilliant read as usual Dave mate, I think I should ‘fess up’ and tell you why I did not venture out at all today – well it is easy, I had far too much alcohol of varying descriptions the night before and have been suffering the ill effects until mid afternoon. My fault and won’t be doing that again,heard that before?

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