Monday morning raptors

8th April,Marston area.

Had a lovely eyeful of a red kite as it flew roughly along the river line and then stayed over the works for a good ten minutes.Although they are now regular in the general area this is only the third one I’ve seen here.Several common buzzard and kestrel put in appearances before I saw the ringtail hen harrier that is apparently finding the area to it’s liking,but is hard to track down.There are no high vantage points here and the bird was soon lost to view as it headed toward Gelston/Hough.I decided to drive to the higher ground near Hough to try and get some scanning spots.Just as I left the works a peregrine flew right towards me,before turning.This was all getting a bit beyond expectations.Anyway,once at the Hough viewing point there was no further sign of the harrier but about eight common buzzards were around plus a sparrowhawk.


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