Caspian Gull

This beauty was in the Millenium Green pre-roost this afternoon… At Whisby NP the ‘highlights’ was a White Wag (my first & only migrant of the year thus far) in field near Redlands Old Yard and 3 Little Egberts at Teal lake also the 3 tundra Beans still in ploughed field S of Scotland Farm early doors Bloody cold….Brrrrr! Posted on behalf of Dean Nicholson   Continue reading Caspian Gull

Garden Regular

This male Blackcap has been almost resident in my garden now for at least 5 weeks. Seen everyday and practically all day and chases other birds away from the feeder even Blackbirds. Female seen occasionally but rarely comes to the feeder.   Taken through double glazing this morning in the snow with Olympus E-M5 and 75-300mm lens. David   Continue reading Garden Regular

Twites etc…..

Marston this am. The good spell continues,why did I choose yesterday to go to London? Would have loved seeing them beautiful wild swans on that field. The twite are still around,couple seen this morning. Met Spadge and we walked around the works area,finding some more owl pellets,after a bit of research ,I reckon they’re short eared owl ones,quite long,very dark,not much of a ‘crust’.Must remember to get some photos next time. We then watched one of the largest winter thrush flocks I’ve ever seen,away over the back fields beyond the works.Mostly fieldfare,some redwings and a few starlings.There must have been … Continue reading Twites etc…..

Marston STW again!

Arrived home to find a text from David M on my personal mobile, Whooper Swans MSTW @ just before 9am this morning so after a little deliberation and a text sent off to Trev L to see if he knew they were still there or not off I went to see for myself. I had only seen these birds once before so was pleased to see a large white blob of colour standing out nice and clearly in the turf field at the works end of the site. I began to take a few shots across the whole group to enable … Continue reading Marston STW again!

Marston today

Here’s my few images from little while @ MSTW today, nice to see some familiar faces there, not seen it so busy for a long time!                                                 Who’s looking @ who? Loads of Reed Buntings and little Wrens darting about with the latter making me think ‘is that a Cettis?’ NOPE! Finally got my first shots ever of a Cettis, 3 best ones below, similar to David M’s from distance. I saw 2 different birds this 1 being rung. 🙂 Also caught a perched Meadow Pipit from distance today. Continue reading Marston today

Magical local patch birding.

It dosn’t take alot to get us excited watching the local patch,but a call from David this morning had me abandoning the hoovering-I think I left the house with the hoover still running,such was my desire to see the twites which David had re-found. All the Marston maffia were on site plus twitchers Sue and Trish from Spalding.Anyway,some of us saw the twites,5 birds at least.A large mixed finch flock was near the far corner of the leek field.The twites occasionally break away and perch in trees down the main track.Also attracting great interest were several cetti’s warblers and 10 common … Continue reading Magical local patch birding.

A quick visit  to Marston this morning showed five Twite again, singing in a tree on the track close to the car park. Did a bit of texting and soon Dave R. Graham W. and Steve N. turned up. The Twite had joined with a large flock of Linnet and flew towards the works. They came back later to the same tree and were seen by quite a few people:   While they were missing I went further to the Water Rail area and was surprised to find a pair of Cetti’s Warbler had moved out of the thick cover … Continue reading

My garden again!!

Not have not been out birding much lately, my other love football took over with 4 visits to see my beloved Everton play at Goodison Park being my March priority, my birthday in March and so when asked what do I want for a pressie my standard answer is a ticket to the game! My garden has kept my birding going through this period though with the daily visits of the Lesser Redpolls and Siskins continuing along with largish groups of Chaffinches as well (up to 16 at a time) the last couple of days has also provided a bird … Continue reading My garden again!!

Marston SEO

Just by chance I met up with Dave R. at Marston and after listening to a few Cetti’s and Water Rail we both went into the hide. Not a lot going on apart from a few Curlews flying around:   And the single Coal Tit that was reported by Trevor:   But just after Dave left me in the hide I heard a shout and rushing down to the track found him pointing excitedly to the sky over the leek field:   First SEO we’ve seen at Marston this winter but unfortunately it only appeared to be passing through. David Continue reading Marston SEO