Good Friday

Ringtail harrier keeps the good spell going.

Marston today was bathed in sunshine and fractionally warmer.I started with a walk at the works end and along the riverbank.Pretty quiet,apart from a calling chiffy and a good few buzzards.A couple of pinkfooted geese were with greylags.The regularly seen carrion crow with some white feathering was in the works compound.Most people know I’ve got a bit of a thing for birds with white feathers where white feathers shouldn’t be.They usually look stunning and beautiful.


I then drove to the hide car park.A second pair of shelduck dropped in to the scrape,the other pair were none too happy but they soon settled down.Three other birders were in the hide.I was just telling them the best place to look for the twite when I spotted a big brown bird in the exact spot.Bloody hell! I shouted out it’s a ringtail hen harrier.I’d been looking for this bird for a while.A few people had sighted it recently,but it must roam a large area.By coincidence one of the guys in the hide was Ron Clarke who had seen it at nearby Caythorpe only yesterday.


Steve Lyon later texted me to say he had found the twite(s).

Happy Easter everyone and good birding.



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