Marston SEO

Just by chance I met up with Dave R. at Marston and after listening to a few Cetti’s and Water Rail we both went into the hide. Not a lot going on apart from a few Curlews flying around:



And the single Coal Tit that was reported by Trevor:



But just after Dave left me in the hide I heard a shout and rushing down to the track found him pointing excitedly to the sky over the leek field:



First SEO we’ve seen at Marston this winter but unfortunately it only appeared to be passing through.


One thought on “Marston SEO

  1. Yep,that was nice David,how lucky were we?it was probably the sight of me that made it decide to wing it away from the site and towards Foston.When I first picked it up it was flying directly at me,down the track.Glad you got a couple of shots.

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