Black Brant at Gib.5th March.2013

Gib 5th March.

Spent most of my time sifting through the brent goose flock for the reported Black Brant.Although distant for most of the time it was fairly easy to pick out,with it’s white flanks.The rest of the birding wasn’t that hot,seawatching was off limits owing to mist and fog.Three avocets were back on site and a male stonechat was near the mere.Later on the brents came a bit closer and I saw the brant again,along with a couple of pale-bellied brents (with a little assistance from ace Gib-er John o’S.)There were about 250 dark-bellid brents.

black brant,right-hand side bird
dark-bellied brents,Gib.Shame I couldn’t get the brant this close.
mistle thrush at Gib.

2 thoughts on “Black Brant at Gib.5th March.2013

    1. Cheers,Steve,Iv’e been pestering people for tips and swatting up ont’ tinternet.Plenty to learn.

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