Lincoln Fens 12th Feb 2013.

Lincoln Fens 12th Feb 2013. Following the news of an american wigeon in the area I went for a look today.Travelled via Brauncwell,where there were a couple of corn buntings on the roadside wires.On Branston fen there was a nice herd of wild geese,mostly whoopers,but twelve bewicks were with them.Nice.When I checked again,late afternoon,I couldn’t make out any bewicks,but there were now fiftytwo whoopers! Bardney was next,and a barn owl showed nicely,mid morning.There were about 500 odd eurasian wigeon on the pits and I trawled through them until the eyestrain and cold set in,but no yank for me.I’ve got bloody … Continue reading Lincoln Fens 12th Feb 2013.

Siskins & a few Lesser Redpolls too!

At around 8am on Saturday morning I looked out to our back garden, this time seems to be a very regular and busy time with loads of different species of bird calling in to feed a while, it is not unusual for the species count for this hour to hit nearly 20! Yesterday was interesting as I saw a flash of yellow in the trees bordering my back garden, binos up to the window and yep it was a Siskin! Not only that there was a larger than normal group of Lesser Redpolls around too! So with camera at hand … Continue reading Siskins & a few Lesser Redpolls too!

6th Feb Smew etc…

6th Feb Smew etc… Had a very exciting couple of hours this afternoon,starting with a look at Belvoir lakes,just inside the Leics. border.The first bird I clapped eyes on was a redhead smew,Wow that’ll do nicely.The spot I was standing on is actually in Lincs.,the county border making up part of the east bank of the lower lake.To veiw take the lane at the top of Main St,Woolsthorpe by Belvoir,sgnposted fishing lakes.Telescope required (or seek permission to walk around the lakes from Belvoir estate office). A few grebes,little and great crested,along with a shelduck and plenty of cormorants were on … Continue reading 6th Feb Smew etc…

Boston area

Boston area 4th Feb 2012 Was lucky enough to see three Hen harriers today,the first,a super male floating nonchalantly over a field just off the A52 near Swineshead.I nearly caused the car behind to shunt me.One of these day’s that’ll probably happen. My second was a ringtail,hunting the tideline around Freiston shore,as viewed from the Witham mouth.On the mouth were a couple of razorbills and a guillimot. My third hen harrier was another male at rspb Frampton-it could even have been the same bird I saw earlier at Swineshead,that’s probably just a few minutes for a harrier.This one caused havoc,putting … Continue reading Boston area

Dave beat me to Belton!

Well on the day I joined the National Trust I read with usual pleasure Dave’s blog on his visit to the Belton House garden and lakes, I thought before reading his blog I would join and as it was going to be niceish day on Saturday I would test out me membership! Well here goes with my little posting on a few hours in the gardens today, a nice bright but cold day greeted me when I parked up at around 10am, I was 30 minutes early for going straight into the gardens and a little walk towards the main … Continue reading Dave beat me to Belton!

Belton House 1st Feb 2013

Belton House,gardens and Boathouse lake. The goosanders that were here before the harsh weather set in were back on the boathouse lake.There were ten this afternoon,seven of them drakes,looking resplendent in the low sunshine.It was a gorgeous afternoon,with birds attempting a bit of song here and there.Snowdrops and aconites were out all over the place.A little egret was a nice surprise,the first one I’ve seen here.While enjoying these delights a kingfisher came and perched on the far bank.Some siskins were high up in the alders.In the gardens were jay,nuthatch and goldcrest. This pic shows nine of the ten goosanders,which was a bit … Continue reading Belton House 1st Feb 2013