SEO at last!

Sun was out so nipped up to Halls Hill around 4.40pm in the vain hope that I would see an SEO this time – I had not seen on up here for a while and so once in place at the Cold Harbour Lane end of the field with the lovely setting sun behind me I waited and waited.
YES! after about 20 minutes – 5.02pm and 3 seconds I saw an SEO rise up over the brow of the domed hill over near the fenced off Hills and hollows part of the site, it glided majestically over the long grass and headed to the area where the bench and table is located, I got some distant shots one of which below as it turned and appeared to follow the track down towards town close to the trees with the large nestboxes on them.
The bird then dipped into the lower fields towards the houses on the edge of town, that was it I thought, only a few seconds but good to see. I waited and enjoyed the rather unusually quiet setting of Halls Hill, 2 dog walkers only and a young lad on his cycle, that was it. I thought to myself this is perfect come on back over here Mr SEO, about 5 seemingly eternal minutes later it was back and a little closer to me this time but still distant, a couple more shots of the hunting bird can be seen below …
HallsHillSEO27213c HallsHillSEO27213g
After a long loop the bird dropped to my right and began its decent to a post close to the track near where I had walked up from Cold Harbour Lane, a pleasing shot of it just about to land on the post shown below…
This post landing took place some 5 to 6 minutes after first snapping the bird and as I had not yet got a half decent shot of an SEO perched I thought ok every time he looks away from me I will move a little closer and it took me 3 or 4 minutes to get to a reasonable distance without disturbing the lovely resting but alert bird.

I got my shot or shots, one below and a couple of minutes later a cyclist came around the track and off went the SEO to start again its original loop heading away from me, all good stuff and a perched SEO shot concludes this post with a happy fellow writing it 🙂

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