Common Redpoll?

As you may be aware I am having large numbers of Lesser Redpolls in my garden on a daily basis.

Today I think – no expert here folks! – that I managed to photograph, albeit thru’ my conservatory double glazing this morning on a gloomy cloudy day.

Below are two images for comparison a deffo Lesser and the bird in question, a Common? I have looked at photos on the web and thru’ my books (limited collection) and feel it may well be a Common, please do post your thoughts in the post thread.
Lesser Redpoll
Common (Mealy)Redpoll??

I await the replies with eagerness  🙂

2 thoughts on “Common Redpoll?

  1. With Trev’s and other assistance it seems the bird in question is an adult male Lesser Redpoll – tricky species this one as many apparently fell into both camps in regard to identifying the bird, good this birding lark ain’t it?

    1. Yer,cracking pic anyway and with all the stuff you’re gettin in the garden at the mo,it’s probably only a matter of time before you get a mealy…or something else!…keep at it Mate.

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