An hour @ Stainby

Had the chance to go to Stainby landfill this afternoon, great the days are lengthening 🙂

There was a total of 7 Red Kites about and initially they were all away from me at the far end (wire gate) end of the site and at great height also but I just waited a little and one bird in particular dropped and spent around 10 minutes close to where I was positioned. I got a few nice shots and really like the one shown below with the moon in the background, sweet!
Stainby-RK19213 Stainby-RK19213d Stainby-RK19213f
The Kites were occasionally forming a close group of 5 or 6 birds and they were freely passing food to one another 🙂

I got a nice surprise when a Buzzard came up from behind a hedgeline to perch fleetingly on top of a bush, it saw me then thought ‘I am off!’ I managed to fire off a few shots, two of which can be seen below.
A buzzad (same one?) came over head later on and was gliding along just below a good number of various Gulls that were sent skyward when the occasional ‘bang!’ went off at the tip. It was great looking virtually directly overhead to see three tiers of birds, closest were the Kites, next layer was the Buzzard and above this was the mixed Gulls.
I followed the Kites along the road to see what other opportunities to photograph them would appear and finally decided to move on, on the way home just pass the xroads near the tip I saw another Buzzard spook two Kestrels that were in a tree, one of the Kestrels decided it did not like that and proceded to chase the Buzzard off – possibly a female Kestrel as it was a large bird – and as I was driving down the straight back towarsds the A1 they were both at car height, what a view! 🙂

I saw in the air a few yards along the road a couple of Buzzards high up riding thermals and soon saw there was four all pretty close together in their flight, an image of two birds play fighting below.
All in all a good hour in the sun, hope this is the sign of more to come 😉

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