American wigeon 18th Feb 2013.

American wigeon.

Went back to Fiskerton fen for another go at the American wigeon,there hadn’t been alot of news but I figured it must still be around.Lincoln birder Dave Goddard was already in the hide and informed me there was a large flock of wigeon,but they were out of view.We waited quite some time before they flew back a bit nearer to us,and the Yankee doodle dandy was with them,fantastic.





You need wellies if you visit,the bird is seen from the hide near the environment agency plant,the other side of the road to the reserve car park.Also here were six little egrets.Look at this hide-fantastic….P1040378

I don’t know where to begin with my next tale,but here goes.While watching the wigeons I was distracted by a couple of swans making a right racket,all sorts of loud hooting honking and scowling noises I’d never heard before plus much splashing and flapping.One swan was on top of another,with it’s beak around the other’s neck,it looked vicious but I thought they were mating until I noticed they were both males! It went on for yonks.A female looked on,so maybe they were fighting for her? Things got worse as first one,then the other got their necks entangled in the wire fencing that runs round the reserve.They were well and truly stuck,I had to wade in (quite literally) to help.It didn’t look that deep but as I got near the fence it dropped suddenly off to well over a metre deep.I was in past my wotsits in the freezing cold water.One of the swans,flapping madly,freed itself but the other couldn’t.I was now inches away from it,struggling on the soft bottom underfoot.The bird had now gone completely limp,I thought it was dead.(Don’t worry-happy ending to follow).I reached out to try and untangle it and it’s neck seemed to slip out of the wire as if lubricated.Maybe it relaxed it’s muscles.Feathers everywhere,but they were fine.Luckily I had a change of clothing in the boot of the car,I keep it there incase of overnight bird twitches.


Unfortunately I spooked the wigeon flock while this lot was going on so apologies to anyone visiting following my putting the news out earlier.


This barn owl showed nicely at Nocton Fen.

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