Lincoln Fens 12th Feb 2013.

Lincoln Fens 12th Feb 2013.

Following the news of an american wigeon in the area I went for a look today.Travelled via Brauncwell,where there were a couple of corn buntings on the roadside wires.On Branston fen there was a nice herd of wild geese,mostly whoopers,but twelve bewicks were with them.Nice.When I checked again,late afternoon,I couldn’t make out any bewicks,but there were now fiftytwo whoopers!

Bardney was next,and a barn owl showed nicely,mid morning.There were about 500 odd eurasian wigeon on the pits and I trawled through them until the eyestrain and cold set in,but no yank for me.I’ve got bloody chilblains on the fingers now,as I’ve been out in the cold so much lately,havn’t had them since I was a kid.I love winter birding.

There were ten species of duck,including a couple of fine drake pintail and a couple of goosanders on the river.The red arrows flew low overhead shattering the tranquility,exciting nonetheless.

I couldn’t miss having a look at Fiskerton fen,as this was the spot the american was first seen on Saturday.There were more wigeon here to check through,if it was here I didn’t find it,lots of unveiwable bits though,so it could well be around.Some cracking birding in this area.



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