Siskins & a few Lesser Redpolls too!

At around 8am on Saturday morning I looked out to our back garden, this time seems to be a very regular and busy time with loads of different species of bird calling in to feed a while, it is not unusual for the species count for this hour to hit nearly 20!

Yesterday was interesting as I saw a flash of yellow in the trees bordering my back garden, binos up to the window and yep it was a Siskin! Not only that there was a larger than normal group of Lesser Redpolls around too!

So with camera at hand off I went to hide (if that is possible at all with my bulk 😉 ) within a couple of minutes I saw 2 pairs of Siskins, the 2 hens oddly were on my house room very briefly then went they did not venture to the trees like the males. The Redpolls totalled 5 at this time all birds flew away and in about an hour they came back mixed in with a good number of Chaffinch, Goldfinch and Greenfinch, this time the 4 Siskins were all together in the trees and wer all males! I did manage to get a few images of the Siskins and Redpolls – 8 pics in total shown below …
HmeRedpoll9213b HmeRedpoll9213c HmeRedpoll9213d HmeRedpoll9213g HmeSisk9213d HmeSisk9213e HmeSisk9213f HmeSisk9213g
I thought this was great but on Sunday I had a new record total of Chaffinches drop in 20 of them! Sadly no Bramblings amoung them 😦 There were no Siskins to be seen today but 5 then 7 then 13 and then a massive 16 Redpolls dropped in all too briefly I managed to count them and then they were off spooked by visiting Wood Pigeons and Jackdaws DAM! There may well have been more Redpolls in the trees at the end of my garden but 16 is not a bad total eh?

What will tomorrow bring? 🙂

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