6th Feb Smew etc…

6th Feb Smew etc…

Had a very exciting couple of hours this afternoon,starting with a look at Belvoir lakes,just inside the Leics. border.The first bird I clapped eyes on was a redhead smew,Wow that’ll do nicely.The spot I was standing on is actually in Lincs.,the county border making up part of the east bank of the lower lake.To veiw take the lane at the top of Main St,Woolsthorpe by Belvoir,sgnposted fishing lakes.Telescope required (or seek permission to walk around the lakes from Belvoir estate office).


A few grebes,little and great crested,along with a shelduck and plenty of cormorants were on the lake,while a nice mixed flock of around 60 siskins and redpolls fed around alder trees.

Following a hailstorm,I decided to go to Denton res.Near the entrance a very pale buzzard floated in front of the car,it showed lots of white on the inner tail.Alarm bells started ringing,possible rough-leg? I lost sight of it,but tracked it down,resting in some conifers.It was very easy to spot,appearing as a big white blob.Managed a few distantly digi-scoped shots,my digi-scoping skills are still pretty non-existent,but at least I got on it.It was a long way off to be fair and the light was poor.I may get back in the next few days.Anyway back to the bird,I’m pretty sure it was a very pale morph common buzzard,no dark on the belly.Damn fine looker,anyway.Any comments on this bird welcome.




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