Boston area

Boston area 4th Feb 2012

Was lucky enough to see three Hen harriers today,the first,a super male floating nonchalantly over a field just off the A52 near Swineshead.I nearly caused the car behind to shunt me.One of these day’s that’ll probably happen.

My second was a ringtail,hunting the tideline around Freiston shore,as viewed from the Witham mouth.On the mouth were a couple of razorbills and a guillimot.

My third hen harrier was another male at rspb Frampton-it could even have been the same bird I saw earlier at Swineshead,that’s probably just a few minutes for a harrier.This one caused havoc,putting up thousands of plovers over the grasslands,a spectacle.

I also caught up with the lesser (richardsons) canada goose,maybe an escapee,who knows,maybe a genuine vagrant.Other goodies were male brambling and female red crested pochard.



One thought on “Boston area

  1. That is one hell of a Pale Buzzard Dave !! Reminds me exactly of one I found Near Carlton Scroop about 7 Years ago.

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