Dave beat me to Belton!

Well on the day I joined the National Trust I read with usual pleasure Dave’s blog on his visit to the Belton House garden and lakes, I thought before reading his blog I would join and as it was going to be niceish day on Saturday I would test out me membership!

Well here goes with my little posting on a few hours in the gardens today, a nice bright but cold day greeted me when I parked up at around 10am, I was 30 minutes early for going straight into the gardens and a little walk towards the main gate / river section that was open proved fruitful immediately.

I was stood next to a large tree (don’t ask me the species, it was a bug ‘un!) I looked to my left and there about 10 feet away just above eye level and moving up was a Treecreeper 🙂 So a quick turn on my tripod got me a few shots and in the next 15 minutes the bird moved away from and back to the same area of the same tree, it even had to chase off another Treecreeper as well, nice start!
BelHseTrecre2213 BelHseTrecre2213f
I got a shot of a Great Tit close to the main house and saw a couple of loud and active Wagtails (Pied?) chasing each other around the front of the impressive Brownlow building. On the cricket pitch was a few Deer and odd Redwing and Fieldfare too.
BelHseGrTit2213So with a smile on me fizzgog I moved into the gardens and see heard a noisy Jay calling to another that was getting too close, no shots of this lovely bird today though and I reckon I saw a total of 4 today. Eventually I got to the boathouse lake with the aim of taking some shots of Goosanders Dave told us about in his blog, now I have seen these birds before but never got got to photograph them.

I was treated to a flash of Blue and Orange a couple of times with a low flypast of a Kingfisher (same one twice or two birds?) I sadly could not find the bird after the flypasts. Not much on the lake really, a few Mallards, a trio of very agressive and argumentative Moorhens, about 10 Black Headed Gulls and 4 Goosanders, 2 pairs and the Little Egret was there too.

I tried to settle in and wait for the Goosanders to come close but they moved the oppostie way whenever they saw anyone getting too close, never mind I did get a few images so that is species 146 photographed in the UK in 2 years 🙂 Two images below …
BelHseGoosand2213i BelHseGoosand2213k
Just before I left the boathouse lake I saw a Black Headed Gull showing some interest in a male Goosander who was fishing and I got a shot shown below of a male Goosander with a half swallowed fish in its beak trying to get away from a Black Headed Gull that was closing in for a go at the fish!
I’m off!

I saw a few birds walking back to the car, good numbers of Tits, Blue, Great and a small group of Long Tailed, a photo below of the latter species.
The odd Song Thrush was seen too in the low vegitation with Blackbirds, no Goldcrests seen nor heard next time eh?
I look forward to going back and having a good walk around the gardens soon 🙂

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