Belton House 1st Feb 2013

Belton House,gardens and Boathouse lake.

The goosanders that were here before the harsh weather set in were back on the boathouse lake.There were ten this afternoon,seven of them drakes,looking resplendent in the low sunshine.It was a gorgeous afternoon,with birds attempting a bit of song here and there.Snowdrops and aconites were out all over the place.A little egret was a nice surprise,the first one I’ve seen here.While enjoying these delights a kingfisher came and perched on the far bank.Some siskins were high up in the alders.In the gardens were jay,nuthatch and goldcrest.


This pic shows nine of the ten goosanders,which was a bit of a challenge as they were constantly diving.I like the colours and reflections in this shot.


Little egret.


Grey heron,it’s always there,on the island.

P1030865Blackie,amongst the aconites.



Aconites,they’re poisonous,you know,I only found out just now when I looked up the spelling in the dictionary.



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