Freezing Frampton

Freezing Frampton It was a bit of a brass monkeys job today at Frampton,but some good birds were around,mainly wildfowl.Simon Wilson told me to look out for a female red-crested pochard and some scaup.There were scores of pintails and loads of other ducks.A large flock of pinkfeet fed on grass and a couple of white fronted geese showed,along with a whooper swan. Out on the saltmarsh barn owl and marsh harrier hunted.The owl made a catch only to have his meal stolen by a kestrel,this seems to be a very common occurance,the owl always loses. Three grey partridges were so easy to spot in the snow.   Continue reading Freezing Frampton

Waxwings 0 – 1 Fog

Decided to go up to Halls Hill this afternoon after checking out on the latest Waxwing sighting seeing as it had brightened up considerably at my home from 12noonish. When driving up to Aldi to see if the Waxwings were there I could see that the fog was going to be an issue when finally on the hill, bugger! The Waxwings were not to be seen at just before 2pm so onto Halls Hill it was. I parked at the top of Cold Harbour Lane for the first time and when I was getting ready I had a chat with a couple of … Continue reading Waxwings 0 – 1 Fog

Postcard from Northumbria

Postcard from Northumberland Greetings from Alnmouth,enjoying some class walking,sightseeing and a spot of birding in this fair County.Abundant wildfowl all around,geese,ducks and swans.A herd of 30 odd Whoopers are viewable from our digs. A walk from Crastor,taking in the superb Dunstanburgh castle took us North towards Low Newton by the sea,where our pace quickened as we approached the Ship Inn.Quite frankley the best pub on the planet,complete with its own micro-brewery.You can even birdwatch from the window.Spent a while there. Purple sandpipers were found in several places,they are common up here and fairly approachable.However,the best experience of the day (better … Continue reading Postcard from Northumbria

Murcky Marston 6/1/13

Murcky Marston 6/1/13 When I got up this morning I was hoping that there would be a little good light for a couple of hours to visit Marston STW, well there was and so after brekkie off I went as Karen, my better half, prepared the sunday dinner 🙂 I saw a few Fieldfares kicking around the small  picnic area near the hump backed bridge on Station Road over the River Witham in Barkston, as I progressed to the site it became more and more gloomy and foggy. Anyway I parked up and got ready and made my way down … Continue reading Murcky Marston 6/1/13

Kirkby 2nd Jan 2013

Kirkby 2nd Jan 2013 Arrived soon after first light and waited for my target bird,Bittern.Waited and waited and waited.Got bored,wandered off looking at other stuff.Yer,you know how this story goes.Got back to hide much later.Bittern had been showing really well right in front of hide.Damn.A few in the hide now,including Garry Wright and Trevor Gunby who found the bird yesterday,they’d all had good views.Went and got my flask and lunchbox,at last I saw off the remaining manky cooked meats and stale mince pies from Christmas.Hey,I went even further with sloe gin in my hip flask.Waited some more and eventualy got my reward when … Continue reading Kirkby 2nd Jan 2013