Wow a Brambling!

Got home this afternoon and saw what is for us an unusually large group of around 12 Chaffinches in with a handful of Greenfinches feeding on the sunflower hearts and wild bird seed mix I had scattered liberally over the snow in my back garden. OK I thought best get the bins and check them just in case. I scanned the birds then just as something ‘different’ caught my eye they were spooked and made their way to safety to the trees that are at the back of my garden, OK I scanned the trees and thought YES! NO! YES! it was a … Continue reading Wow a Brambling!

Garden etc.

Garden etc. Continuing with the recent trend of garden birding,I was pleased to get a fieldfare today,my first,apart from flyovers. Later I had a look at Stainby tip where there were at least 18 red kites.If you havn’t been yet,it really is worth a look.Great views from the Buckminster road,overlooking the old quarry.Afternoons seem to be best-kites come in from all directions. On the way back I stopped off at the Environcom factory on Spittalgate leval,Grantham.Local birder Graham Welch told me he’d seen waxwings there this morning,indeed he had,there were 9 there,on the right hand side of the factory. How … Continue reading Garden etc.

1st winter garden casuality

Yesterday we saw we had a slightly fluffed up Jackdaw on our back garden attempting to feed on the seed I had thrown onto the snow for the birds to feed off. It was not feeding that successfully and with the knowledge I have from nearly 20 years of birdkeeping I felt that this birds life was close to an end, I walked up to it and got within 3 feet (to me another indicator that the bird would not recover no matter what you did), the Jackdaw hardly moved and it looked in fine feather condition, no messy vent or … Continue reading 1st winter garden casuality

Frieston 21 01 2013

A bit of freezing fog, -8 degrees on the way,couldn’t stop me,I love winter birding.You see such great things,but soon realise it’s all about survival.(I’m talking about the birds).Today I watched in awe as a magpie viciously attacked,killed and started to eat a starling.A moorhen tried to join in,yep,a moorhen,amazing. I went over to Frieston to look for the lesser canada goose,(formerly called cackling canada goose). They should’ve kept the old name! I found a flock of about 250 canadas near the North Sea Camp,but the cackler wasn’t with them.Either that or I failed to pick it out.Did find a single barnacle goose with them,though. pintail wigeon … Continue reading Frieston 21 01 2013

Those Aldi Waxwings!

Yesterday afternoon upon arriving home Karen said can we nip to Aldi? Of course I obliged promptly thinking, she can do the shopping and I can do the Waxwing spotting in the 2 car parks 🙂 I dropped Karen off and off I went to the Dunelm car park sadly on this occasion there were no Waxwings in the area, not the car park hedgerows nor trees bordering South Parade. So I used my car as a mobile hide to track down the active Fieldfares that were around the low hedgerow in the Dunelm car park, three images below … … Continue reading Those Aldi Waxwings!

20/1/13 Grantham & Stainby

Nipped out to see if the Waxwings were still around the Aldi area this morning with plans to then go onto see what Red Kites were about scavenging in the cold at Stainby tip. First port of call was a dip out, no Waxwings, never mind will call back on me way home from Stainby then 🙂 Upon arriving at Stainby tip I parked in the track directly opposite the main works entrance to the tip and was startled to see several hundred mixed Gulls and Corvids that were spooked into the air by the half a dozen Kites swooping … Continue reading 20/1/13 Grantham & Stainby

19th jan 2013

19th jan 2013 Alot more birds around today at the ‘patch’-Marston.At the works end what must be warmer water is spilling out onto the grassy area and it’s attracting birds.About 25 snipe flushed up as i walked past,I love that sound they make.Lots of winter thrushes,a few meadow pipits and lesser redpolls were concentrated there.3 goldcrests were in the hedge. A little egret flew in and put down in the dyke near Mill lane.These are now regular,but have only been seen fairly recently.The scrape was frozen,absolutely zilch there. Green lane was heaving with birds,about 250 skylarks,scores of yellowhammers,reed bunts and chaffinches were on … Continue reading 19th jan 2013

Oh snow it’s Waxwings again!

Due to the impending bad weather my work trip to Derbyshire was cancelled and so after some work at home a quick visit in town to do an errand was also linked in with a call in to see if the Waxwings were still hanging around the Aldi / Dunelm car parks. In short yes they were there, as I pulled into the side road leading to both I immediately saw the group of 10 birds in a tree on the Aldi side of the road. 5 of the 10 Waxwings above I got set up after parking in the … Continue reading Oh snow it’s Waxwings again!

16th jan 2013

16th jan 2013 A visit to the local patch at Marston stw this morning revealed not a lot.When I left Grantham it was bathed in glorious sunshine,though it was minus 6 degrees.Approaching Marston it was a different story altogether-freezing fog ! As I was getting togged up for the cold Trev Lee pulled up,he was on his way to a job at Branston.We both knew I wouldn’t see much and so it proved,but it was nice to hear cetti’s and water rails shattering the silence.Canada geese,mistle thrush and skylark were added to my Marston year list which stands at 56 species,approx.half … Continue reading 16th jan 2013